Featuring Design
Creative Agency

Featuring Design is a creative design and animation agency. We create new brands and revitalize existing ones.

We are here to make your customers feel connected with your brand. By making your brand look excellent – by our brand identity services – and feel fantastic – by our brand activation services. Of course in total harmony with the right brand positioning. 

Since people are more and more visually oriented and are making their choice in split seconds – based on the look and feel of a brand – design plays a leading role in brand stories. So let our design strategy play a featuring role in your brands story and become a resounding success.

Way of working

Before we start we do research and explore your organization and brand to fully understand your needs. We do this together or co-create in a more fancy way of saying. As a team we answer a number of questions:

1. Who is the target group/persona of your brand?
Who are they, how do they think and feel, what do they need or expect from the brand? Together with the brand and looking into data we decide who will be targeted.

2. What is the actual need?
It is essential to fully understand what the chosen target audience wants and feels. Relevance determines success. We do this also by listening to the brands customers.

3. Concept development
It is time to translate the needs of your target group into a remarkable and outstanding concept. Our main job is to make your brand look authentic and challenging at the same time.

4. How do we reach your customer?
The question is how to get the most out of the set budget. We convert our concept into a media plan. This can be both online and offline media. Or to the shopping floor.

5. How can we make the biggest impact?
Impact = repetition x remarkability. How can we maximize the impact of the concepts? After launching the concept it is crucial to keep a close eye on the result, learn fast and adapt where necessary to get the most out of it. Whether it concerns more sales, brand awareness or brand experience. Or even better: all three at the same time.